A New Years Resolution

Here is my resolution: to quit the self-improvement club. 
I’m done thinking that my ‘imperfections’ somehow make me less-than. 

Instead of: 
searching outside myself; 
devoted to the self help genre; 
constantly trying to get ‘somewhere’; 
basing my personal and professional growth on trying to fill-the-gaps; 
trying to create daily practices out of what I think I should be doing; 
basing my decisions on what I think the expectations are;
believing that in so many ways I’m not enough.

I’m going to try on: 
searching inside myself, 
leaning into devotion; 
savouring right now; 
letting my growth be led by MY intuition and curiosities; 
being awestruck, curious, engaged by life; 
sitting with myself in silence for a little bit each day and checking out what comes up; 
let my decisions be guided by what feels good and right on a soul level; 
believing that I am worthy, I am divine.

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