Being Bored

Ever noticed that no-one is bored anymore?

When I was a kid my parents used to take us on really long car trips. I get car sick so I used to pass the hours staring out the window while listening to music. One of my fondest memories is driving through the giant Karri forests of southwest WA, staring out the window in reverie.

It’s sad isn’t it that that kind of thing, awe found through boredom, has disappeared. 
There is always a screen to stare at and no time to be bored.
And yet there is so much value in being still, being bored, staring into space (my dad used to call it naval gazing). It fosters our creativity, brings us back into the moment, helps us process things on a deep level, connects us to the world around us.

Teaching meditation recently I spoke about just staring into the sky, and in that moment it took me back to the value of just looking, day dreaming, getting lost in vastness.

So later on my train ride home, a time I would normally catch up on emails or messages or worse, scroll social media, I put on Miles Davis and just stared out the window at the city and the harbour and the sky and the trees and it all. 

What a divine peace boredom has become.

Fika Studio