Beware the Bareness of a Busy Life - Socrates

I woke this morning with a racing heart thinking about all the things I ‘had’ to do today. 
Then in the quiet of my sādhanā (tea, incense, read, journal, contemplate) I remembered that Monday morning is my quiet time, the space I have gifted myself before my son wakes, before the habit of busyness sets in for the week. 

So I wrote a list of the to-do’s, separating it into the things that were important to do today and the things that I told myself had to be done today but really don’t (ebaying clothes for example). The important list only had a handful of things that with proper attention can be done easily within a couple of hours.

So, I had a long hot bath and read a book. Then a coffee while I wrote some notes for later, now I’ll love my space with a little care and cleaning. Then with a clear mind, body and space the to-do list can begin.

More and more I discover this quote from Socrates to be true “Beware the barrenness of a busy life”

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