Sādhanā: a spiritual practice, a means of accomplishing something, a daily act done consciously, reverentially, “everything can be sādhanā... using everything as a tool for your wellbeing”.

Over time my sādhanā has evolved to a quiet morning practice;
As soon as I wake I boil the kettle and brew my tea, while my tea is brewing I light a stick of incense and put it to burn at my little alter. Then I sit and stare at the trees while I drink my tea, when I’m finished I practice Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and sit in stillness and silence, eyes closed, for a while. When I emerge from that silence I journal or read (non-fiction). All up it its about half an hour.

This practice has allowed me to know myself better which in combination with Ayurveda means I can make empowered decisions about my own balance, my wellbeing.

Recently I woke with energy coursing through my veins, a kind of manic energy that made me just want to DO something, to MOVE. 

In the past I would have either starting manically working or I would have run or done a crazy hyped up workout. But now I know that none of those things support my Dosha, and actually rather than feeling better from that activity I would have pushed too hard and then felt wiped out.

So I continued with my sādhanā, I wrote, I contemplated, I listened.
And from there I made the choice to go to a strong but steady yoga class. I sweated more than I have in a looooong time but the movement was slow and considered. 
I left feeling grounded and amazing, the crazy buzz gone.

Following that the day flowed easily and beautifully, a swim in the ocean, watching a baby whale frolic, a quiet afternoon on the deck with my loves, a delicious and incredibly nourishing meal.

So in short.... today was perfect. And all because of a commitment to mindful and simple morning practice.

This yoga life... it’s pretty darn special.

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