The beauty and divinity of women.

Last year I went through some stuff - I'll share more about it on here soon.

It was a time that included deep loss, unexpected invasive surgery twice, slow and very painful recovery and to top it off a bout of severe gastro.

I rode waves of grief and trauma, moments where I found meaning in it all, moments when I was totally lost, moments when I finally felt like myself only to have that peace end all to quickly.

But within it I found a wholly divine gift, unexpected and unasked crashing waves of love and support from the women in my life, ones who are close and ones who I wish were closer. 

This love came in so many forms:
A box of gifts aimed at healing the broken feminine in me - magnesium salts, essential oil, healing tea. 
A request for me to accept a delivered home-made dinner and company. 
This advice: "Oh Court. Huge. Surrender and keep riding it out... what else can you do? Ahhhhh. Big love xxx”
Endless messages and calls
And an energy of care and nurturing the I could feel in my bones.

Because of those women I knew I was held and loved and perhaps for the first time in my life I was willing to accept the help I needed and to take part in the divine feminine.

It's as though it was all to make me see the power in the connectedness of women, how we all heal each other. And a request from the divine for me to soften into and accept that feminine part of myself. 

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