High Vibe Agency was born out of a desire to bring more reverence into every day life.

Founded by two women passionate about the place of ritual in modern life we want to share the objects, philosophies and practices that create a sense of reverence in our lives.

Yoga Teachers, nature lovers and Ayurveda practitioners we have created a unique approach to fusing ancient practices with the cycles of Australian nature and modern living. 

There are many ways you can engage with us: Our Journal shares our stories, thoughts and inspirations; On our offerings page you can find many ways to practice yoga with us in Adelaide and Sydney; we can create a unique retreat to suit your idea of sacred space; or on our shop you can find the products that we love to bring beauty into the everyday.

Our intention is to live meaningfully, purposefully and redefine luxury in the process. We can’t wait to share with you.

Raech and CJ